Little Red Riding Hood

UI ✶ UX ✶ Art Direction ✶ Illustration ✶ 3D

Description :

Creation of a narrative experience that the user is immersing into the environnement. Together (as a team) we decided to re-create the tale "Little Red Riding Hood", because we thought that there was two versions ( The one Grimm and Perrault ) which didn't have the same end. The main point of the experience, is that the user (child) can alternate between two versions by using only one path. At the end, the user discovers how many pourcentage of two versions did the experience, and can retry to discover the end of the second version.
Team :

Designers :
Alexandre Gomez Pardo — Chloélia Breton — Seta Minassian
Developpers :
Yayoi Luo — Aurélien Hémidy